Icelandic elopement roadtrip / Natali & Vitek


"When people are happy, they dance. They smile, run, touch each other, they sing like noone can hear them, for themselves, they radiate this beautiful energy into the air and it's contagious for other people." That's a note that I wrote down while we were sitting somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Iceland, having sandwiches with Natali and Vitek on their wedding day.

They decided to make their Icelandic elopement one hell of a ride and we spent four days roaming through the South of this beautiful island.

"...and some moments feel like from movies, like when a song that's playing matches horses running in the fields, almost like if the world felt the rhythm coming from the radio of our car."

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this trip and document it with my photos.



Day 1. The colors are so vibrant and the smell of sulphur is present on every step. We're ready to take in this atmosphere.




In the evening we arrive at a horse farm where our cottage is and get some warm welcoming in our new home for a couple nights. The dog's name is Svartur because it means "the Black One" in Icelandic and he's all white.


I'll never forget the joy of lying in a hot water, talking about life and sipping beer on that evening. Sun was setting late and we were in a natural hot spring outside town until the very last sun ray was gone.


Morning on the wedding day. Vitek writes in their diary while Natali's getting ready. Svartur is on guard. N&V won't have rings. They tattooed them instead. Friends gave them crochet rings though, so they can cover the tattoos and uncover them during the ceremony.


We had no particular spot for the ceremony in our mind. It didn't matter. It didn't have to be a famous waterfall or iconic view, they wanted to find their own place. When Helga, their officiant arrived, N&V decided to go get married to one nameless lava field 30 seconds before jumping into the car. There they floated on the moss until they found the right spot.


Now let's go places.


Day 3 and still on the move. At one point Vitek takes Natali's neckless by Zorya and puts it on a piece of ice on Diamond Beach. We do believe that guys at Zorya grow their crystals on Icelandic icebergs.


Throughout this whole adventure Natali & Vitek were writing memories in a diary. Sometimes your own words describe how you feel even better than photos. Like a shortcut, a reminder of how it felt to be here. Now it was time to make one last memo.


Thank you.


Check out also a short wedding film that Martin of Kaco films made for Natali & Vitek:

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