Sunrise in Makawi Tuwa / Bali Engagement Session


There’s a place hidden at the end of the world, with an unbelievable story about two young people coming to Asia from Europe with no money but big dreams. 

When Anie and Lukas first came to the cliff they now call Makawi Tuwa, there was nothing but a ruin half-standing and a lot of mess. They managed to convince the owner to sell them a share of the land and with their own hands made this ruin a real paradise on Earth, their home in Bali.

And when I say paradise, let’s try to imagine lying in big bed in a cozy boho cottage being awaken by sunrise coming straight to your bed. Making a breakfast on the cliff and then walking down to your private black sand beach to have a swim naked.

With Sue we document one of their mornings in an engagement session to make a memory for them to always remember what a beautiful life they created together.

We’re so grateful to have spent a couple days around the North-East coast with Anie Songe and Lukas, exploring Makawi Tuwa, making trips on motorcycles and enjoying life.

At the end of this post we'll include a few photos of Makawi itself.

Also, Anie was just finishing edits of her first book, telling us one night humbly about how she’d love to sell a thousand copies someday (to sell well over…at least a couple times more than that within just a month).

Dear Anie & Lukas, thank you.




I also shot a few photos on film and later created this handmade print in the darkroom on a beautiful Losin watercolor paper:


Shot on Pentax 67 using medium format Kodak Tri-X. I used liquid emulsion from Foma that I painted with a brush on handmade watercolor paper from Velke Losiny and enlarged the photo on it in a darkroom. Very exciting stuff.


And here's a small taste of Anie & Lukas' kingdom called Makawi Tuwa and the best thing about it is that you can rent it, if you're interested, let them know.