Glowing Sun, Búðir Bridal Editorial on film / Iceland Wedding Photographer

It's 7 pm, we have just come home from Sigur Rós show in Linz and their amazing concert teleported me mentally back to lava fields, sulphur smelling creeks and landscape filled with smiling horses.

I want to show you a series of photos that I shot in Búðir, Snæfellsnes Peninsula earlier this year as a bridal editorial with beautiful Petrúnella Kristjánsdóttir, who was just such an amazing model and looked gorgeous in an ethereal dress by ODIVI/SOBJE, and my friend Rinat, with whom I can discuss art for hours. I thank you guys.

The atmosphere of the day was really extraordinary and I wanted to show in my images the feel of the day as it went from blue sky through stormy clouds later in the afternoon to rainbow catharsis at the end. I knew that film is going to help me create more honest images so I shot it all on Kodak Portra and Tri-X films. Again my dear Carmencita Film Lab did all the scanning. I also hope that this series would show my genuine love for this country.

At the end of this post, I will also include a little bonus. If you've ever thought that French accent in English is cute, after you'll hear Peta's Icelandic accent, it's going to be the cutest thing you've heard.

Back to my favorite band. I only allow myself to translate their songs from Icelandic after a long time. I prefer having my fantasy work out the meaning of their songs and only every once in a while I go look up the words. I thought Glósóli would be a nice soundtrack to this series, but when I read the lyrics with "Glowing Sun" in title, I knew it is perfect. It feels just like our day in Búðir, Snæfellsnes.





Now you are waking up
Everything seems different
I look around
But I see nothing at all

Tie my shoes so
Is she still in her pajamas?
In a dream she was born
I'm startled
But the sun, is it her?
Where is she? In here?

But where are you?

Go for a walk (I go for a walk)
And roam the streets
Can't see a thing (I can't see a thing)
And so I use the stars
She runs endlessly
And climbs out thus
She's the Glowing Sun
And comes out

I awake from a dream
To find my heart pounding, my hair tousled
Step out in front of the bed and see filthy shoes

And here you are, I'm feeling
And here you are, Glowing Sun
And here you are, Glowing Sun
And here you are, Glowing Sun
And here you are...



The end.



And here is the little bonus: "I don't think that we will get more sun." - Peta's words recorded as we were waiting in the car :)