The Nicest Swim In All The Mountains Of The World / Seljavallalaug Pool

"It was built around 1923 by a local farmer who wanted to teach young people how to swim. There were streams of geothermal water flowing from the mountains and the guys used it to fill the pool, it's all natural," an old Viking king of guy told me as we were enjoying the warm water and the views around and went on: "The first time I swam in the pool was over 30 years ago and over the years I used to work on this place. You're very lucky because if you came tomorrow, the pool would be empty. Later today people will come to clean it. They only do this once a year and you just came right before they do it, so we're the last guys to swim here for a few weeks."

Seljavallalaug pool is one of my top favorite places in the world, no matter how popular it's getting these days. I've been coming back anytime I can, ever since we came here with Suzie for the first time back in 2014, when it instantly blew me away. When you're in there, lying in the water (or chilling in the corner where the hot water flows in), the time has stopped and everything that is, is just all that is around you. I still find it unbelievable that someone has made something so beautiful and let it be free for others to enjoy.

In September we came to Seljavallalaug with Martin and Ela and I want to show you what an amazing morning it was.