Secret Winter Wedding

Last month we had the pleasure of capturing one intimate wedding which was held in secret and only a few of the couple's friends knew about it. Their idea was just to enjoy each other somewhere outside in the nature.

They wanted to get married somewhere far in the woods and after about an hour of walk from the cottage, we found a quiet plain which was just perfect. When you held your breath, the only thing that you could hear where the snowflakes. And the world was all white.

One month after this day, they threw one hell of a party for their families and friends back home and played a short video documentary from that day for them as a surprise. The reactions were beautiful and we'll show you the video as well at the end of this post. It was made by our friends Martin & Ela of Kaco Video and it is just wonderful. Katka, the bride, had a dress made by Odivi/Sobje and the stunning flower bouquet and decoration was made by Albert and Luke of the Flower Deli.

We love it when couples dare to realize their dreams about their wedding. Thank you Katka & Pavel for having us document your secret day.


And here's the short video documentary made by Kaco Video: