Backyard Elopement on Film

If you ever need an inspiration to make your wedding day lovely and relaxed, please read on. It was sunday morning and Veru and Lukas woke up to a beautiful day in the countryside where it felt like no time existed. When they wanted to dance in the backyard of their house they did. When they wanted to grind coffee and sip it in the backyard, talking with sheep who live there too, they did. And when they wanted to get married, they did, in the backyard of their house. It was truly their day and they enjoyed it as such. I appreciate that I could have been a part of this deeply.

Throughout the day you could constantly smell in the air delicious meals prepared by Marika and Jiri of the Kitchen Story and beautiful flower decoration by Albert and Lukas of the Flower Deli

And if there's one thing to remind us the atmosphere of this day, it's the wonderful video by Martin and Eliska of KACO Video, which you should really take a look at, it's at the end of this post.

I shot the whole wedding completely on film. For that I used my Canon 1N RS, Pentax 67 and Leica M3 and a bunch of Kodak Portra and Tri-x films. Color films were processed by Carmencita film lab and black and white films I proccessed myself.


And finally we get to the video by KACO as promised.