Let’s create together some art for your wall!


We’ll meet, talk and shoot together portraits on film.

I do every single step of the process myself, so I have absolute creative control over the photos you’ll receive.

The traditional darkroom technique delivers archival quality black and white prints, which means the photographs will last at least a few generations. Every photograph is enlarged on paper from the film negative and is original made by hand. The process of creating one photograph takes about 1 hour of developing the films and about 2 hours of enlarging the actual print. 

I do two types of prints at the moment. 

For the classic print I use Ilford’s top quality fibre based matt papers which are incredibly beautiful, thick and give nice matt blacks which I love. I use Ilford’s dedicated chemicals and process to achieve the print quality of their highest standards.

The second type is an artistic print which goes even a few steps further. I use a handmade watercolor paper from Velke Losiny, Czech paper mill which has been producing top quality papers continuously since 16th century! I coat their paper with a photo emulsion from another Czech company Foma using brush and then the process is the same as with the classical print. This method gives the photograph a look of painting and also allows me to print some pretty large sizes.

Actually, I don’t stop here as I’m learning some more techniques. But now let’s focus on your portraits!


You'll find a short film about how I create the prints at the bottom of this page.

You'll find a short film about how I create the prints at the bottom of this page.



My eyes were there, my mind was there with them. Not on the screen of my camera.


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