About us


Sleeping in wineyards and stargazing till morning. Flamingos. And penguins too. Getting lost and finding our way without GPS. Gelati!

Every place all over the world having its own scent. Icelandic horses and their distinctive smile. Thrift shops and girls’ fashion bazaars. Motorcycle roadtrips. Coconut for breakfast. Sunsets at home in Prague, they are like nowhere else. Italian Pasta.

Hiking. Like hiking volcanos and mountains where you do get tired and scared but in the end are happy that you kicked your ass out of its comfort zone and made it to the top. Snacks by my mom. Moms make the best snacks. Morning tranquility of glacier lakes and the sound of melting icebergs. 


Sleeping in beach caves. Les Baguettes. Listening to songs in languages that we don’t speak and making our own meaning of the song. Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng. Small hidden hot springs. Lying there at night and watching the Northern Lights. Watching them for hours as they dance from one side of the horizon to the other, in a complete state of awe. Lavender fields in July en Provence and their unbelievable scent in the air.

Campervan roadtrips. Old stone houses in Provence, Tuscany, and other Mediterranean areas. And Maison stores with local wines, cheese and other yummy goodies. Wanaka, Wakatipu, Tekapo, Pukaki and Hawea. Skyr.

Shoreditch flea markets. Freshly brewed Chemex coffee. Mango juice. Mediterranean pines. Thursday markets. And Saturday markets. Petanque and people of all walks of life playing next to each other in parks.

Fried noodles for a few bucks on the street in China Town. Random talks with people on the streets. High Line walks and Brooklyn Heights walks. And generally Manhattan night walks. Steam rising from below the streets. Bagels in Upper West Side.

Southern nightsky making us feel like we’re in a different Universe. Burgers with my brother. And of course our own home brewed beer. Accidentally finding hidden spots like glowworm caves or underground lava caves. Playing drums instead of shooting an event or a wedding, just because the drums happen to be there and you just couldn’t help. Being able to watch a few movies in a row with an easy conscience on long flights. Promenades at the sea. Oregano. Sunset surfs. Oh man. 

These are some of the things* that we like a lot. If you like some of them as well, the chances are that we're of the same kind. And let's do something together!


* besides photography


We are interested in capturing real things and moments. Getting close to other people is probably the most interesting thing about our work. And we want our photographs to capture these things in a natural way. 


Who we are


Sue: From my early age I was admiring inspiring people, cutting enthralling interviews from the magazines, fascinated by the stories and the people themself.

Living in London in always surprising Camden Town and getting lost with my camera made me super happy. Especially the thrift shops!

Working as delegate in Greece and watching the sunsets behind the Olympos mountains made me curious to travel and explore more.

I always love to keep myself occupied with various creative projects and the best way of relax is to be on the roadtrip and listening to Martin's singing.

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Martin: Besides shooting digital, I make black&white silver gelatin prints from film because I love their feel and enjoy using my bare hands to create a photograph. 

I love wandering alone across Iceland and sleeping in lava fields, on cliffs, and just about anywhere I can stop the car sometime after midnight. And I really love bathing in golden tones of a blue ocean during sunrise and sunset.

I play in a rock and roll band. 

Once I was returning home from New Zealand, watching a documentary about Sebastiao Salgado where his agent spoke about first time seeing his work: “I thought that this is the work of a man who cares about people.” I instantly thought, that’s exactly how I feel about documenting someone's life, and how I would love other people to feel about my work. 

Nevertheless, my one true photographic hero is Josef Koudelka.