Hi, we are Martin and Sue and we photograph couples in love, their stories and adventures all over the world as Everbay. 




Vila Tugendhat Wedding

It would have always been our dream to document a wedding in Vila Tugendhat designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930s, but they don't held weddings there. And yet Domi and Ivo managed to make it happen and we are so grateful to have been a part of it…


Iceland Elopement Trip

"When people are happy, they dance. They smile, run, touch each other, they sing like noone can hear them, for themselves, they radiate this beautiful energy into the air and it's contagious for other people." That's a note that I wrote down while we were sitting somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Iceland, having sandwiches with Natali and Vitek on their wedding day…


Sunrise in Makawi Tuwa

There’s a place hidden at the end of the world, with an unbelievable story about two young people. When Anie and Lukas first came to the cliff they now call Makawi Tuwa, there was nothing but a ruin half-standing and a lot of mess. They managed to convince the owner to sell them a share of the land and with their own hands made this ruin a real paradise on Earth, their home in Bali…




About us


We've both always had artistic spirit. Life brought us first to study marketing though and that's when we actually met. Maybe that was the reason. After spending a few years working in a corporation we both quit our careers in marketing to set out on a more meaningful direction in our lives together and to be able to travel the world.

We wanted to give a name to our artistic efforts, one that we could identify with along the way, a brand that would always show us a direction where we're going. We came up with Everbay, a place always open, where anything is possible. To learn more about us, just hit the button below.


Sharing photos online is amazing, although there's no screen to give the feel of a photograph printed on a paper. And there's no digital preset to give the feel of a real film. Or of a hand made silver gel print from it. And when the Polaroid image starts to appear on the paper, it's still magic.

We love these things.



Hand made silver gelatin print from film

Fine art album with custom archival quality print

Fuji FP 3000-B, our beloved polaroid material

Darkroom process of printing a silver gelatin photograph